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Real Name:
Alexa But Just Call Me Alex
Birth Date:
Jan. 20, 1993
Interested In:
Men, Women
New York, United States
Last Broadcast:
1 week ago
Body Type:
Smoke / Drink:
no/very little like a glass
Body Decorations:
Scars And Temporary tattoo's
About Me:

i was born and live in NY where secret... please be nice i have mental disorders emotional problems and low self esteem. my mental disorders are a mild form of autism spectrum disorder i sometimes cant understand you if you use large words it just confuses my brain. i also have Borderline Personality Disorder bipolar type 2 mild anxiety and a bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. i don't have the fear of germs part of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder i have the numbers part like when i drink something i have to take a odd number amount of sips like 3 its weird i know . i used to have to do other things to but not anymore thanks to my medicine. yes i do take medicine for my mental disorders i also have a therapist. i even been to mental hospital about 13 times in my life so far. i am also a self harmer it started years ago my grandma died my mental disorders and her death was too much for me to deal with so i cut myself i got the idea of self harm from a youtube video. i also have problems sounding out words so i use spell check alot however sometimes my spelling is so off it cant even help. i have tried to kill myself anyways somedays are okay and somedays are bad my self harm is never used as a way to try to kill myself its just used to deal with things that are too much for me. i am very weak but i cant help how my brain works sorry. i may look fine but don't judge me by how i look. why do i normally self harm? well, there are a few reasons sometimes dealing with my mental disorders is too much sometimes its because i hate myself sometimes its too punish myself sometimes its because i miss family that died sometimes i self harm when i'm too sad or too angry or upset. sometimes i self harm just because i am addicted to it. also sometimes things are just too over-welling for me so i cut myself used to burn myself sometimes too but i don't anymore. mentally i will always be like 15 or 16. i also cant drive because i cant judge distance. and also due to anxiety fears that i will crash because i cant judge distance. i also like to wear wigs and temporary tattoo's no i don't have any real ones and likely never will. also if you must know my boobs are a DD36 i think? what do you mean you think? well i have not had my boobies measured in a while and i never where normal bra's only sports bra's because i hate normal bra's. normal bra's are too uncomfortable (too me) sports bra's are kinda stretchy so its kinda hard to say what Cup Size i am for sure sorry. my underwear size is a Extra Large also my eye color is hazel. people don't tell me what to do i hate that. i am here to chat and do what i want. how tall am i? i am very short 5 foot. my favorite colors are black and purple my favorite bands are within temptation and three days grace. my brain is one age 16 it will always be 16 or so but my body is another age sadly... the reason why i don't have real tattoo's is because i'm too scared of needles... i was born cross eyed both (eyes) but i had surgery on them both at 4 years old... i was also born early meaning premature but not by much about 3 weeks.. i love shopping on amazon wanna be nice email me a gift card. my favorite sex position is cowgirl i like being in control yes i like reverse cowgirl too doggy style is also fun too. do i shave yes but not every day. why don't i always reply? that's likely because you asked something that's too hard for me too reply i am mildly autistic and certain things are too hard for me to answer sorry. what role are you sexually? i am mildly dominant. edit July 18 2018 i messed up and burned myself. sorry peoples. if you wanna send me something please email me an amazon gift card for an amount that the item cost that you wanna send me.

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