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Theladyrousseau's Bio, Free Live Sex & Porn Videos

Real Name:
Birth Date:
Jan. 1, 1993
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Seattle, WA, U.S.A.
Last Broadcast:
4 days ago
Body Type:
Slender, curvy - classic.
Smoke / Drink:
Incense / Coffee
Body Decorations:
Ear piercings only.
Pics & Videos:
About Me:


> Twitter @theladyrousseau
> Instagram @theladyrousseau
> Tumblr @theladyrousseau
> @theladyrousseau
> Ello @theladyrousseau

> By sending me unsolicited dick pics, you authorize me to reupload your media to multiple gay porn sites along with your name and contact info.

(Or, How Not to Awaken the Hagraven)

Welcome to my home and boudoir.
To enhance the experience of all, please speak in English.
Ask me first if you'd like to go to Private! :)

No PMs please.
To speak discreetly in real time, utilize tipnotes.

Gentlemen (and women): I ask that you be courteous at all times, both in open conversation *and* in tipnotes.
Better to reserve terms of endearment for children and furry pets; I am neither, "BB" / Baby / Honey / Dear / Darling / Sweetie.
No directing, and do not make explicit comments unless I Explicitly invite you to do so.
This includes refraining from expressing yourself in pornographic GIFs.

Don't prattle on about how you're "Going to Fuck Me" in tiny tipnotes.
I have a tip menu item that allows you to share your filthy fantasies with me for 40tk.
No Haggling.

Your modding services are not desired; please do not offer them.

I am Not an escort, nor seeking a "friend" or other arrangement.
Do not be under the illusion that we will ever meet up, either for free or any amount of money.

Under no circumstances are you permitted to screenshot, record, or redistribute my broadcasts or other content without my consent.
Such actions constitute digital piracy, and my affiliate legal company *Will* pursue you for DMCA violations.
Don't be a p1ss-covered pindick purloiner. ASK ME for my consent!

Failure to respect these boundaries will result in a silence and / or ban from my room, possibly without warning.
TL,DR: This is fundamentally my place of employment, and you are my *guest*, possibly even a client.
If you make me uncomfortable for ANY reason, I reserve the right to remove you at whim.


Hot Chili Pepper Challenge! 16
Get smokey with incense. 26
What color are your eyes? (closeup view) 36

Can I see your feet? 46
Sweet, dangerous stilettos (shoe change). 146
Demonstrate how to suck your toes. 246

Jazz Squats. 56
Naughty Me! 6x Spanks with the silk paddle. 66
Splits; an exercise in flexibility. 76
Bridge / backbend / Chakrasana! 86

Twin peaks uncensored. 96
Moonlight reverie. 196
NETHER REGIONS, oh my. 296

Show us how you fondle breasts. 106
Cock Torture. 206
Oral Fixation. 306
Danse, danse pour toi. 406
Support kink awareness! Explain "discipline" while modeling my ball gag. 506

Giantess Roleplay. 116
Blindfold me for two minutes. 216
Tease the 'kitten'. 316

[A, singlular] Nosy question? (write in tipnote) 30
Confess to me your filthy fantasy. (share in tipnote!) 40
Long Leather Gloves (write: 'Leather Gloves' in tipnote) 50
Naughty Slave! 6x Spanks with the silk paddle. 60
Sacred Sissy Name Bestowed. 70
Simple slave task. (include your email in tipnote) 80
Sensuous Slave Butt Plug. 90
*NEW*: Strapon Tease. (specify in tipnote) 200
*NEW*: Coerced Bi / Gay. (specify in tipnote) 250

Personal dick (or pussy) appraisal. (must upload to CB or include your email in tipnote) 109
Live Blackmail. (must include your email in tipnote) 209
15 min. C2C. (must be public broadcasting or include room password in tipnote) 309

Wish List:

Pretty things and world domination.