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Real Name:
Lex Spectrum
Birth Date:
May 24, 1981
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
the wrong planet
Last Broadcast:
53 minutes ago
English-progressive 1st world, un petit peu Fran├žais, body/nonverbal, gibberish, troll, one-handed type and autocorrect
Body Type:
body positive | looks like a she/her femme, prob y ur here, do prefer THEY/THEM as I am closer to cntr of the gender spectrum
Smoke / Drink:
Medical MJ and nothing else ever again, my acutely suicidal brain can't handle any more battering
Body Decorations:
3 small tats I'd love covered or removed, tiny gauged ears, rainbow hair
Pics & Videos:
very quick nip suck
spread swollen pi...
babybat lex was s...
Old phone selfies
putting on a stra...
12+min manual mas...
Titplay b4 shower
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About Me:

A LOT has happened in the last few years and I'm left standing in the middle of a personal dream come true, but I've lost so much of my local support and screwed up so many once in a lifetime opportunities in that time that I honestly don't know how to proceed. I had one shot, I took it and missed. I don't know what to do now. I'm going to keep loving fapping with you as long as you keep supporting me for doing it <3

Thank you for helping get me into a bed and home of my own, and keeping me mostly stable enough to finally get lasik. I've been neglecting myself because others have neglected me my whole life. I'm still trying to learn to feed myself 3 square meals a day and regain lost ground as a photographer. It's not going as well as it could because of a recentish head injury.

Fingers crossed I'm going to get into some cutting edge depression treatment before NOV. I'm very afraid of the medical ptsd, because I just got over the hospital stay that I wasn't supposed to go through according to MY dr, which fucked my summer earning and every time I try to sell anything of mine, I just end up buying more stuff from wherever I sell from because my impulse control was shredded by nosecandy offered to me by the kind of dicks that don't know you should never ever ever offer a suicidal person anything that removes their brain's ability to not make attempts later. Your problems now are from your use of this before, if that's a thing you did. I have to keep explaining this to people that have used it in the past and it's incredibly frustrating that more people don't know the long term effect of even one line on your dumb mammalian brain.

FIRST OF ALL: I am NOT a celebrity just because I am on a screen, babely baters. Stop treating me differently than any person you'd meet elsewhere. Seriously if you guys obsessed over a random stranger like you do me, they'll press charges.
STOP. or get help. I have ADD and need very concise communication that is respectful of my limited time and patient in case it take me a few days to remember to check it. If you really want to be like that, spend. Spend money, spend a day teaching me how to use SC for my benefit, there are ways to help me out for free, just be creative, think, and ask first. (MI
I am stationary for however long i can retain this too expensive apartment, help me make the most of it and figure out my next step. (offer me a tiny house on your property in a state with legal euthanasia? an accutely suicidal trans person can dream)
If you will be in the Detroit area email me. I couldn't escort even if it was legal, no guarantees, so vanilla meetups only. I will shoot photos of you, your band, meet you for food, concerts, etc. I live to collaborate.

PLEASE COME THROUGH it's been over a year and my friend is going to die/end up homeless
if you want to see me in NY help me with funding. I had an offer for a plane ticket that does not seem to be manifesting, Entirely dependent on my health, but it's slowly improving. I'd still need food and other expenses. It'd be nice if NY in the fall could make up for London not going well in the spring, and the PTSD inducing hospital stay I really should sue over that followed.
I have a terminally ill art friend I'd still really like to visit/meet. Was supposed to happen last fall and I had to move and then i cracked my skull.

My trade shoots are crazy select (I last worked with COOP in LA), but being disabled, I will gladly pose for various real world experiences I couldn't otherwise have.
And either way, I love learning from my betters while naked, it's basically heav
My newest work is slowly getting posted to OnlyFans and here in the fanclub, censored on insta, and eventually to tumblr, i originally created it to be a website placeholder and then didn't build the site before things expired so....

[if you want to advertise your cam, throw me a 25tk thumbs up and ask first, try not to make it mid climax ;)]
I'm happier to trade here because I love being behind the camera and I'm most looking forward to working with other sex workers, but making cam friends is something I could stand to be better at (it's been two years and I've managed to alienate a bunch of local talent from me because I'm that socially retarded). Destination shoots and road trips are my favorite.
I have several long and short term personal projects in progress including non-nude portraits of weird ass people and every size and shade of nude.
lexspectrum at what you'd like the portraits for, CB, SG, personal, work, headshots, etc, any links to work online, and any relevant details.
My newest self portraits are on Insta and I'm finally in the process of editing some other models for my port [thank you fappers and friends for getting me to this point again, finally.]
I'm also happy to be added as a backup or additional for nude workshops, so if you do a lot of them and think we'd make a hot team, invite me along.

JUST EMAIL ME if you do scenes with other disabled people, queers, or 3rd gender performers. Art-porn and docu-porn preferred but I'll happily wear costumes and makeup, so I'm nerdily flexible for the right projects. However, I DO NOT ACT and have zero interest in ever really doing so.
I LOVE orgasming on camera almost as much as I love bringing others to climax though.
the Fairy Mother Lactation Kink Clip available from parapervkink
Concerts, music festivals, nerd conventions, nude beaches, art installations and food are reasons enough for me to travel. Pick one and lets actually make it happen before I die.

Wish List:

For you to follow me if you like anything you see here.

PRETTY PLEASE for the love of all that is buttholy help me keep that thumbs up score on the desktop site over 100%

cashapp me a few dollars for medical bills and meds or toiletries, do NOT leave a note or message tempting as it is

1001 tk single tip
2016: 1000
2017: 1100
2018 so far: 2000
10,000 tk single tip
MOST TIPS overall from a single tipper: 9591

Help me buy boring essentials with ANY gift cards to lexpletive gmail (I saved them up to buy the bed I sleep on, which motivated me to anchor myself long enough to get better faster, and some of the equipment I work with). Always the most helpful thing, as much as I love new lingerie and toys, I need qtips and tp more oft reality bites.

or spoil me with level ups
[still no generous fan has ever bought from this list, apparently the independently wealthy are not into chubby midwestern nerds]

I love to travel as much as possible to be with my partners all over the world [from before camming], and occasionally new friends.
Donate to my travel fund to make even one of these things happ
Invite me somewhere I couldn't otherwise go.
I AM STILL TRYING TO VISIT A SICK FRIEND IN NYC/NJ, A PARTNER IN FRANCE, it would be nice to get to AMSTERDAM before my partner there dies. If you want to see it happen, help me out. Aiming for NEXT summer at this rate.

Just come to Detroit so we can make videos, my ability to travel is gone for awhile.

If you're the kind of perv that shares your porn with your friends, please do!
However you choose to support me in this art, please stay within your budget! I try, like a good faptender, to cut y'all off when you get crazy. Making your situation worse does not make mine better. Give to fapchurch only if and when you can actually afford to. It'll be here. That said, if you can afford to just dump money all over some person, this is true trickle down faponomics. Your money is going directly to help disabled midwestern queer white trash live a minimal and less garbage life. Yes, getting naked on the internet is a LESS garbage life. That's precisely my point. AND a bunch of other pervs benefit.

always buy your tokens from this link to give me a boost plz <3

OFans |

TIT pics, fan art, love/hate mail (please no Vogon poetry), and PP/GC donations

If you find ANY photos or videos of me elsewhere, please send a link and/or copy of the file to me at lexspectrum protonmail so I can share it here.

SIGN UP FREE to CHAT or to BATE with us
PLEASE click that bate link to create an account if you're planning to broadcast/c2c here. I know I've introduced/inspired a number of performers and the little bit of help would REALLY help. It will NOT share your username with me.